An Abundance Of Energy: H2X Australia

Australia’s car manufacturing industry is dead. Long live the Australian car manufacturing industry. But all is not yet lost…Hydrogen is seen as the potential next step in powering automobiles on Earth, and the technology has been around for decades, featuring strongly in the aerospace industries. Australian company H2X, based in Sydney, has been quietly working […]

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2020 Mitsubishi ASX GSR: Car Review

This Car Review Is About: Mitsubishi’s ASX with a nameplate that in Mitsubishi’s history has referred to a sporting oriented vehicle. GSR was found on their hi-po Lancers and they were a little less mental than the Evo class cars. However, in ASX trim, the sporting intention has been relegated to a lairy colour on […]

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Porsche Taycan: Electric Horses.

The world’s automobile manufacturers are slowly, inexorably, moving away from the traditional and century plus old method of powering a “horseless carriage”. And yet, there’s a subtle irony in going to pure electric power for cars, especially for German maker, Porsche. As far back as 1989, Ferdinand Porsche had been involved with electricity in cars. […]

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