Queen Elizabeth’s car collection.

One would anticipate that, when you’re the Queen of all you survey (and the antipodes too), Queen Elizabeth, that well renowned car nut, would, after fifty years, garner herself a few nice vehicles. And indeed she has including a few rarities. There’s Rollers, pedal cars, Ford Zephyrs, even a Daimler 1937 4 1/2 litre V32 (so the description goes) Shooting Brake. There’s even Edward V11’s Town Coach, from 1932.

What this shows is Her Majesty may have sublime and hitherto unrecognised  taste in cars or, more likely, her courtiers and the fact pretty much all of the cars are British, have sorted these out on her behalf. Regardless, there’s some very rare and quite charming metal in there.

Check this link to have a gander; Your Majesty, we salute you.  http://finance.ninemsn.com.au/executivesuite/motoring/241253/queen-elizabeth-iis-car-collection.slideshow


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