Ford Australia’s swansong

The expected announcement today (23rd May, 2016) that Ford Australia will cease manufacturing operations from 2016 has, effectively, its roots going back to the release of the AU Falcon. No matter the ride quality, it was seen as one of the most hideously ugly cars, inside and out, to have been released and was very quickly reengineered into the BA series. Ford Australia also never seemed to actively pursue export, apart from the underwhelming Capri convertible, handing an opportunity and a half to Toyota and Holden. Even further, perhaps, was the decision for Ford Australia to cancel the V8 in the Falcon range, only to resurrect it as an imported engine; a little but importantly different to Holden dropping the 5.0/4.9L but keeping a V8 as an option thanks to its GM family link. Plus I wonder exactly what support Ford US have offered to the Australian arm; unlike GM which utilises Holden heavily for R&D it never has seemed that Ford Australia were taken under Ford US’s wing in that respect. Regardless, it’s terrible news for our local auto and manufacturing industries.


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