Concept to Reality: Jaguar’s C-X17

The SUV (Sport Utility Vehicle) is something that has taken a very large slice of the automotive market, with roots in the history of four wheel drives such as the LandRover. Toyota kicked it all off with the RAV4, creating a market of itself, with brands such as BMW and Mazda successfully releasing varying models. Even the bastion of Britishness, Bently, has one in the works and finally, it seems, that Jaguar is also joining the fray.
Due to be unveiled at the Frankfurt Motor Show on September 9 at 5.10pm Central European Time and being streamed live here: and it’s also showcasing Jaguar’s renowned aluminuim manufacturing process which illustrates the future of Jaguar’s production ability.
The show will also feature the “R” series recently added to the XJ and XF models plus will highlight the new XF Sportbrake and the brilliant F-Type.


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