Tesla Australia Finalises Charge Stations For The Hume.

For the main connecting route between Australia’s two most populous cities, the HumeHighway, driving the distance in a Tesla vehicle has become just that bit easier, with a new Supercharging station opening in Gundagai, New South Wales, and located close to the iconic “Dog on a tuckerbox”. The station is configured to charge up to six Tesla cars at once.2016 Tesla P90D dash

The new recharge point joins Goulbourn, Albury/Wodonga (straddling the Murray River and the borders of NSW and Victoria), and a two charger station at Euroa, 164 kilometres from the Melbourne CBD. There’s also a destination recharger based in Canberra. With each supercharger being able to offer a range of around 270 kilometres in just thirty minutes, and with each recharge allowing a driver around a two to three hour driving time, it allows drivers to take a rest stop, especially in the case of the new Gundagai station, where multiple food and beverage options are available, whilst their car is being topped up.2016 Tesla P90D charger

Each charging point provides up to 120 kilowatts of power and are intended to be self sufficient, with solar power, solar batteries and a diesel generator as a back up. This new station finalises the recharge stations between Sydney and Melbourne, with the next phase understood to be bridging Sydney and Brisbane with a range of destination charging points, allowing adriver time to take a longer break or stay overnight.

For destination and supercharger stations, click here: Tesla Australia charge points


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