2015 Ford Falcon XR6: Car Review

It’s slated to be wrapped up as being made in Australia in 2016 but Ford’s Falcon isn’t going down without a fight. An exterior redesign, a light freshen up for the interior, some integrated tech and, in the case of the sports model, the return of the XR8 nameplate. A step down from that is […]

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2015 Volvo V40 D4 Luxury review.

Small car. Torquey diesel. Scintillating performance. A Wheel Thing gets personal with the 2015 Volvo V40 diesel. Powersource. It’s “just” two litres in size yet manages to twist out 400 torques, from 1750 revs to 2500. Peak power is 140 kilowatts, at 4250 rpm. Sipping from a 62 litre tank at just 4.5L/100 km (claimed, […]

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2015 Mitsubishi ASX Diesel review.

Around a decade or so ago, Mitsubishi released, in Australia, the Lancer based Outlander. It very quickly morphed into a bigger, more stylish vehicle than the compact and edgy original, leaving Mitsubishi without a smallish SUV styled vehicle. Some years later, the Lancer based ASX was released (and shared with Citroen and Peugeot). It started […]

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2015 Kia Sportage Diesel SLi review.

Kia’s Sportage is, possibly, the one vehicle from the Korean company, that exemplifies just how far they’ve come in a comparatively short space of time. The first Sportage was an average looking, average performing, plasticky mid sizer when released in 1993 and is now a great looking, sensationally performing, non plasticky mid sizer in 2014. […]

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2015 Ford Fiesta EcoBoost review.

Good things come in small packages. Our kids are proof positive of that, with their wondrous eyes and unrestrained, infectious enthusiasm for life. It’s that same pep and bubble that Ford has injected into their baby of the range, the Fiesta. Under its pert, sloping, bonnet is a tiny engine that delivers more than you […]

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